Birthday Week


Last week we celebrated Bullfrog’s birthday. He turned 5. It’s crazy to celebrate 5 years of his life when the memories of his birth are still so vivid. He’s growing up. Oh boy.

imageOn Wednesday his Opa came over and took him out for  lunch. Wednesday night he had a milkshake with Andy after Awana. Thursday his Goma and Grandad came over for dinner and cake. Saturday was a big deal with friends, games, food, icecream cake and a piñata. I sure am thankful for these sweet memories that were made and for his precious loved ones that celebrated his big day all week!

One of my goals this year was to make much ado about special occasions. I usually drop the ball when it comes to birthdays and holidays and I’ve always admired those people that celebrate those special days with gusto and themed napkins to boot. I want our children to know how very much we love them and even more, how much their Heavenly Father loves them. So, we celebrate.

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