Strictly Business


Andy and I have been having this back and forth discussion lately about our business, Urbanna Farm, and whether or not to keep it going or shut it down. We started Urbanna Farm as a CSA farm a few years ago and after 2.5 years of CSA farming (growing veggies for families that signed up and paid ahead of time), Andy was offered a position to manage Family Tree Farm. The job came with a salary and housing. Both of which were lacking. So, we moved our small farm (a Milk cow and a steer, a few dozen chickens, a couple of donkeys, meat rabbits, dogs and I really don’t remember what else, since Andy did most of it, while I kept watch on the boys and stayed hydrated because we were expecting Buttercup).


Our honey bees stayed in their respective bee yards even though Family Tree Farm had a few bee hives and a lot more bee hive supplies and equipment than we ever dreamed of owning. Still, we’d developed a small market for our raw honey and we continued to sell it and wanted to keep the bees where they could produce an awesome supply of sweet honey.


So, that’s where we are now. I’ve started this little blog and we’ve been brainstorming about maybe scratching Urbanna Farm altogether, keeping Urbanna Farm as the ‘parent company’ of The Honey Bee Queen, which will hopefully produce more than a couple of blog posts every now and then, or just throwing in the towel on all of it and marketing the mess out of Family Tree Farm. It’s not really that big of a deal and perhaps we need to set up a date with our board of directors and figure it out.

It’s all sort of connected and I know we’ll figure it out. I’m just blabbing about it here, because it’s an excuse to take a little break from the other business that needs attention… Like the dishes…


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