Living in the Sticks

imageWhen we moved from Savannah to the Sticks, we didn’t know what to expect. Sure it is just a few miles (or 80) up the road (interstate), but it’s a world of difference. Sure we miss the coffee shops and culture and oak trees in Savannah. We miss riding our bikes with our dogs everywhere like we did in our ‘getting to know you’ days and we miss the delicious restaurants and the smell of the marsh (okay, maybe I do more than Andy), but we love it here in the Sticks. LOVE IT! This town with it’s lone Walmart and single coffee shop (that closes at 5 or maybe its 2) is home to us now. The monogrammed dresses and giant hair bows and smocked jumpers that grace the little ones we know are precious. The 3 or 4 vehicles that stop to see if you need a hand when you’re pulled over on the side of the road for more than 5 minutes and the 6 minute response time from the Sheriff’s department when you’ve locked your keys in the car on a Sunday morning in the church parking lot bring us comfort. The kwik shop where you can buy a hot lunch, a firearm and a tank of gas in less than 20 minutes should be in every neighborhood. The small town church feeling you get when you visit and never leave, because everyone has embraced you and made you feel like you’ve always been there and they always want you there is heartwarming. The birthday parties and campfires and visits to the hardware store that end with lollipops for the kids and lots of smiles are second nature. The community that knows everything about everyone and lets you in, because they might as well has won our hearts. We love these Sticks and we’re so glad to be here.


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