If dumpster diving is wrong then we don’t need to know. Andy came home last week with a case of canning jars that were kindly left beside the dumpster (we take our trash to the dumpster in the sticks) and today he found this gem of a giant jar. I’ve done my fair share of dumpster diving. I’ve practically furnished my old apartments and houses with cast off goods. Driving around Savannah the night before the trash was picked up was a serious treasure hunt back before I moved to the sticks to raise my brood and follow this crazy farming calling that we’re doing. Bookshelves, lamps, chairs, antique trunks (I think my friend Christa still has that one that we found on E Gwinnett & Abercorn) and all kinds of other junk. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Y’all may not agree, but we love it.


One of my favorite cast iron casserole pans was left in a ditch to die when our friend Annie’s friend salvaged it and gave it to her. Thirty years later or something, Annie then gave it to us. She also gave us an incredible old butter crock and some other great stuff, but I’m getting off topic because that’s not quite the same as dumpster diving. That’s ditch diving. There is a ditch near the dumpster, I’m sure. We better keep our eyes open for some more old cast iron just in case! It’s not easy but when you see a giant gem of a jar like this one then you just accept the fact that it was left there just for you! Trashy never looked so good. 

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