Sesame Honey

38768BC1-E967-4D6C-8618-35299A998FD5.jpegA few nights ago, Andy and I transferred the beehives from our bee yard on the Ogeechee River to our back yard on Sesame Street. It was done just in time because the sesame is blooming.


This will be our first time working with sesame and we are eager to see how things unfold for the bee’s sake and ours. We need to expand our tiny apiary and having the bee hives closer to home will make that work much easier.


We learned that the concentration of Chinese Tallow trees was not as dense as we originally thought at our bee yard in the swamp, but with our neighbor’s sesame crop and a bit of sweat equity, we may be in for a pleasant surprise.


Sesame honey, here we come!



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    1. Thank you! If we get a crop then I’ll share our take on the flavor profile. This is our first time pollinating sesame and we’ve never tasted the honey. We hope it’s awesome!

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