Here goes nothing (or something!!!)

Our tech gladiator has created a professional space to purchase our products. It’s a shop! We have a shop! Nevermind that I’m working from our ‘library/playroom’ with my phone as a personal hotspot because we don’t have wifi at our place. Nevermind that the soap rack is in our dining room, because our table is the largest workspace that I currently have for wrapping and packing boxes and we had a very special guest for a week (we’ll miss you Opa) where I usually keep “bonita the baking rack” with all of her soap curing goodness. Nevermind that I have less than 2 dozen boxes available for this soapscription debut… we are going for it!

I’ve come to the conclusion that even if I never sell a single bar of soap, there is no loss… I don’t mean that it was free to create this pile of beauty. I mean that it is a product that I really and truly enjoy. I love looking at the gorgeous bars and we love using them. They are luxurious, unique, lovely and perfectly useful. They make me smile. and stare. and wonder how I got here.

The community support has been amazing and encouraging. If only people knew that our humble kitchen is where I’ve been creating. If only people knew how many times I’ve talked myself out of just going for it. If only people knew that our youngest is covered in marker, the roses are still blooming and these soaps may go through more transformations as the months and years go by… now you know. and now we have a link and I feel like a legitimate shop owner.



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