A wonderful morning


The kids and I had a big morning out as we went to the local coffee shop, the library and the park. It was such a treat to park the van, load everyone up in the stroller, meet up with a couple of friends and enjoy our morning. First stop, the kids chose a chocolate milkshake and I let them have one… At 10am… Because if I get an iced macchiato, why not? Turns out it was a lactose free milkshake, which seems a bit counterintuitive, but they enjoyed it and my iced caffeine/sugar in a cup was super tasty too…

Next, we walked to the local library where we returned our books and left because the children’s area was roped off for a restroom repair. I actually didn’t know there was even a restroom in that area of the library, so I’ll be sure to check it out when we return…

Finally, we walked to the park where the kids ran around, played, yelled, burned off energy and played and yelled some more. We brought picnics and had a really great time. I am so fortunate to have some other like-minded mamas in this area to spend time with. It’s encouraging to know that we don’t all have it together and we all struggle with being ‘a good mom’ or ‘a good teacher’ or ‘you name it.’ It’s nice to have friendships where you look out for eachother and share meals together and let the kids play and learn and grow together.


When we left Savannah, we knew we’d miss some of our closest friends to date. We have a couple of families in our lives that are truly kindred spirits and our hearts are knitted together in a special way. One lives in Alaska and we are so thankful to be able to see them once  year or so. The other lives on Wilmington Island. Moving here and finding ‘our people’ has been wonderful. Investing in relationships and getting beyond polite pleasantries isn’t always pretty. It’s not always easy to share what’s really going on in your life beyond the photos and pretenses of ‘perfect children’ and clean houses and laundry perfectly ironed and ‘everything is awesome’ idealogies.

Still, taking the time to get out of our comfort zone and routine, load up and leave the farm, hang out with friends and stretch our legs was such a treat. Maybe it will be our new normal. Either way, today we had a wonderful morning.



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