How it all began…


Andy and I are occasionally asked how we met. I love how our story is bursting with Divine orchestration and that God used something as simple yet incredibly complex as honey bees to bring us together.

The long and short story of how Andy and I met began with honey bees. Andy was a beekeeper and I wanted to be a beekeeper. I met Andy the night I arrived back to Savannah, Ga from Eagle, Co. I went to a late church service, introduced myself and asked him if I could see his bees.


A day or 2 later, I was suited up in long sleeves with duct tape securely fastened around the bottom of my pants to keep any bees from crawling up my legs and Andy and I were inspecting one of his bee hives. Months later we were married. I wore a $50 Calvin Klein dress from tj maxx and he wore some linen pants and a linen shirt and we didn’t register for anything because we thought that we already had it all.

Our family and closest friends came together and we were wed outside on a ridiculously hot June day in Savannah. A weekend honeymoon at a friend’s cottage on a river near Brunswick and we were married. 9 months later we welcomed our first born son.


Andy and I both had a desire to have a sustainable orphanage someday  and decided that farming was a great tool to establish a sustainable/full circle system that could feed hungry people and give nourishment and provision to those who need it. So, we decided to pursue what we believed to be God’s calling in our lives.

Thats where we are now. Still working in that direction even after many moves and joys and sorrows. We believe that we are right where we need to be. We don’t know if we will ever have that sustainable orphanage or if we will even be alive tomorrow, but I’m so thankful that we are together and able to be living this farm dream that we’ve been given. Thanks to God for the honey bees.

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