Farewell Soapscription

We sent out a ‘farewell soapscription’ letter on Saturday. It was written for our faithful friends and loved ones that have kindly supported us and cheered us on for the last 2.5 years. We’ve decided to adjust our soap model a little bit and that means creating soaps by special request or individually rather than automatically sending them out in a subscription service. We hope that this change in our business model will give our customers more autonomy over what varieties of soaps they receive and give us a better idea of what our target audience wants.

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By the grace of God, we’ve handcrafted nearly 3000 bars of soap. He’s carried us through trials and stayed faithful and given us the strength to overcome obstacles and persevere and we are better because of it. Our soapscription was a stepping stone and it helped us lay a foundation for our business that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

We have learned so much about people, integrity, business, intellectual property, ourselves, perseverance, friendship, loyalty and generosity through all of these seasons. The sermons and prayers and worship and silence and hopes and dreams that resonated within the walls of our studio are almost enough to last for many seasons to come. We know that new seasons are upon us and that growth happens with change. We hope this change is a good one and that it’s a blessing for our friends.

To suspend our soapscription and to now only create soaps as requested and as inspired feels a bit like taking another step of faith. The soapscription initially required faith because I’d doubted for so long whether selling soap was even possible or just a big idea. I loved to make it and dabbled in it for years and knew I wanted to make something that could help provide for the needs of others. So, we finally did. And we still are and we still will, Lord willing. It’s just going to look a little different now.


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