What’s in a name?

Our farm has evolved and changed over the years… possibly caused a bit of confusion since we’ve changed names from ‘Urbanna Farm’ to ‘Ox and Broadfork’ and since we’ve separated the beekeeping side of the business into ‘The Honey Bee Queen’. Now I’m preparing to change my name from ‘Melissa Anne Williams’ to ‘Gypsy Honey Child’ on instagram.


The name change began when I signed up for an Etsy shop. The Etsy shop still doesn’t have a name but ‘The Honey Bee Queen’ and ‘Honey Child’  (my siblings recommended Honey Child and I love it) are both taken on Etsy.

It seems that ‘Gypsy Honey Child’ is an easy change on IG. It’s sort of non commital. It’s for fun. It’s a lot of crazy ideas wrapped up in one social media platform where the glimpses of our days full of farming and honeybees and gardening and treasure hunting and homeschooling and child rearing are all rolled up into one account where I say ‘hi. this is me. the good and bad and beautiful.’ Besides, I can always change the name down the road. That’s what keeps this fun. Sort of like rearranging furniture or finding an old dresser and painting it a fresh coat of another color… here’s to something new.



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