a new blog home

Ive had a few different blogs in the past… one  was called ‘The Land of Milk of Honey’ and the other was/is ‘Urbanna Farm.’ The Land of Milk and Honey’ was a short chronicle of some of days out in Colorado, where I lived for a few years getting to know my 90+ year old grandmother, Olive, getting to know my Creator most intimately and getting a new perspective on life after 20+ years in my hometown of Savannah, GA. That was a growing time and a most needed one, but the blog didn’t stick. Urbanna Farm blog was great, because of the community we developed around the food we grew, which was all shared via our CSA pick up and the blog world. That blog is still going and although the tags and categories are all a jumbled mess, because I didn’t know the difference between a tag and a category, the content is excellent and it’s been a great resource to look back and reminisce about the growth that’s happened in our lives during these last few years. All of which has brought me here to a new blog home. I desired a blog to share the more personal aspects of our lives and not just those that revolve around seeds, soil, animals and their composted manure. The beauty of this new space is that I can share all of that, but include the other beautiful aspects of our lives which include our precious children, our church family, our homeschooling journeys, my sewing adventures and more. Of course, it’s all subject to change and different seasons will bring new and neat noteworthiness, but I am so thankful to have a personal space again. So, welcome. Welcome to my new blog home.



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