Elements in Lyons

There is this gorgeous restaurant with really great food just down the road from us. It’s half an hour down the road and I drive by hay fields and cotton fields and cow pastures to get there. I drive down rural highways and arrive at this historic downtown corner of Lyons, Ga and am immersed into another world. I’m immersed into a world of delicious food, culture, history and beauty and it reminds me of home. It’s a taste of where I grew up in the beautiful historic district of Savannah and I’m so glad that I found it. It is a night on the town, every night that I’m there and I’m there way more than I ever expected.

A few weeks ago, Andy and I thought it would be a fun social outlet and a chance to make a little extra cash for our businesses and a more reliable family vehicle if I started serving again. It’s been a LONG while since I’ve been involved with the restaurant industry but it’s definitely something I love and am familiar with and something I grew up around since my mom has managed some of the best and most reputable establishments in Savannah.


So, here I am thinking I’ll go work a couple nights a week and meet some locals and have more adult conversations and try great food that someone else prepares and I’ve gotten way more than I bargained for. In fact, I’ve gotten myself into a gig that I wasn’t seeking but can definitely be thankful for how it fell into my lap.

I’ve been at Elements for just over a month and I started managing it 2 weeks ago. I have met some incredible people. I definitely have my work cut out for me and some huge shoes to fill, but I’m doing my best to take it one day at a time and not get too far ahead of myself. I’m not sure exactly what the owners are thinking or how I got myself into this position, but I’m thankful for it and for how it’s challenged me and broadened my horizons. I’m thankful that Andy has more time with our kiddos than ever before and that we can balance each other out. I’m thankful that I get to meet so many amazing people and be involved in a sweet community.


We are still committed to homeschooling, farming, growing our businesses (Ox and Broadfork & The Honey Bee Queen) and raising these precious souls that we’ve been entrusted with. We still have some crazy dreams and goals and hope to see them come to fruition someday and we still trust God to lead us and carry us wherever we may serve and glorify Him best. If that’s in rural GA, then let it be. If it’s across the world, then we’ll go.

Right now, it’s Andy working days while I teach and take care of our babies and then Andy takes care of the homefront and goes on adventures around town with our little ones while I go to work at Elements. I don’t know how long I’ll be at the restaurant. I’ve learned that many things are subject to change. Even if I never stepped foot into Elements again, my life is richer and fuller because of the time I’ve had there so far. It’s been a blessing in a lot of ways and the biggest blessing has been the people. The crab cake stack is pretty awesome too…



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  1. Clearly God is giving you the opportunity to see things Hehad planned all along. Busy women get more done… and more customers!

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