Wide Open Spaces

We live on 1100 acres in the heart of Georgia. 1100 acres! That’s a lot. That’s a lot of land. Land with pastures, ponds, woods and a river. We are on a mile of the Ohoopee River. A mile! It’s surreal. Really. We are caretakers of all of this space and loads of animals. There are beef cows and sheep and dairy goats and a beautiful Jersey milk cow and horses and dogs and chickens and ducks and so much more. There are wild pigs and coyotes and bobcats and deer and who knows what else.


How did we get here? I know it’s crazy. We’ve moved a ton in our short marriage and have lived on 4 different farms. The first was an internship, 2nd and 3rd are where we established our own farm business and now Andy’s got a good gig here on this farm as the manager/caretaker/keep everything alive and growinger/make a business modeler/and more and while we’d love to have our own place someday this is where we are today.


We’ve rented different properties and farmed on 2 of our last rentals. The first farm we rented was 40 acres and the second was 26. We carved ourselves little spots out of those abandoned acres that were no longer being utilized for homesteading and cleaned up junk and fed the soil with loads of compost and then moved on for different reasons in the best interest of our family.


From Savannah to South Carolina back to Savannah and now near Swainsboro Ga and we’re just getting started. Our original goals haven’t changed much and while our business and work keeps evolving, we are still pressing towards our main desires or being able to care for the needs of the hungry, the orphans among us, the widows, our parents and our children’s children. We aren’t there yet.


For now, we are here cultivating and taming some of these wild 1100 acres and it’s awesome. We are simply stewards of these wide open spaces. XO.

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