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Makers Gonna Make

We’ve been back at the drawing board and it feels good. The beeswax candles are stacking up and the soaps for December’s shipments are coming right along. Over 100 bars were made this week with another couple hundred in the works and we’ve got a special delivery of organic chamomile and rose petals that should be here by the end of the day to blend up some more delicious herbal teas. 100 bars of soap is a great start to this expanding work. It’s a blessing to persevere and to see a tiny bit of fruit from something that has been years in the making.

We had some sweet company over last week which paused our work for a little bit, but it was so worth it to spend time with family and to spend time with some darling children from our church. We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, its true and having precious souls in our home is certainly one way to be reminded of that. Since our “studio” is in our home (our guest room), I have to balance out ‘The Honey Bee Queen Supply Takeover’ with practicality which meant that I relocated all of the candle making equipment into our bedroom while we had company. If I could make my entire house smell like a beeswax workshop, I would. It was absolute delight to walk in our room and smell the mild scent of honey every time we opened the door.

I’m sharing that we are working on candles, soaps and teas because it feels like an extra measure of accountability to get it done. These ideas have been brewing, but to put a little action to the planning is a whole other level of work. And to follow through with this tiny business is one step closer to fulfilling these giant dreams that are so much bigger than ourselves. XO, Melissa

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