One man’s trash


I love old stuff. I love the character and history and patina of the treasures. I love that we have a little collection of relics and tools and junk from days gone by. A rusty refrigerator door is our message board. Old butter crocks and churns get used by us even though they are often just used as decor in other homes. Our cast iron collection is used daily and most of it was already used and is ‘vintage’ although we have gathered new pieces to add to the collection.


I’m no antique dealer, but I do love the charm that comes from these things. I know they don’t have any eternal value and when the corrode and rust, I understand even more that this earth is only temporary. Still, I’ll take someone’s cast offs any day of the week over the brand new, cheaply made real junk of today… Even if it’s just garden decor. XO.


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