There are a few things that make my heart sing. Cardinals, gardens, old houses, handmade goods, Jesus, my family, honey bees… you know big and little things that just make me glad. So, when we moved to this little town (we’re not actually in the town but near enough) and we discovered a little community of artists and makers and shakers, it was awesome! It made life in the country feel a little more rich and full. It made me glad. Something else that made me glad was this mug that I was just given by our friends behind the scenes at Brasher Clay. It was made for me. At least that’s what I thought when I first spotted it at the market…


But, I left it on the table and took the kids to the bubble snow that was blowing after the Christmas parade, because real snow and Swainsboro, GA don’t have a lot in common. Still, I coveted that mug. Andy reminded me that we have a cupboard of mugs (including half a dozen from the Brasher collection but we didn’t have one like mine…


So, a few days later when I took some honey over to Jacquie she handed me a bag and in it was MY MUG!!! MY MUG!!! MY MUG that looks like a.bee skep and matches my beeswax. It’s just the little things in life that can make me do cart wheels sometimes. Handmade goods and thoughtful friends are definitely some of them. XO.

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