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Thanks Mom!

My own mother bought a soapscription. I currently know every single person that has supported our tiny business/hobby but, the most humbling new soapscriber that we received was my mom. My mom that demonstrated to me a strong work ethic and always kept steady work to keep food on the table. The trade off being that I barely saw her during the waking hours of my childhood, but the alternative was that we wouldn’t have the bit that we did. My mom still takes care of herself and works hard and lives on her own and puts food on her own table with her own hands. That woman. The one that supports our work and encourages us and isn’t perfect, but tries to help how and when she can. The one that doesn’t expect anything in return, but knows the stress of making a way where there seems to be none and making a feast with meager rations.

The one that drives me crazy but also loves me fiercely even if she doesn’t always know how to show it and doesn’t have the quintessential nurturing side that most of us crave from our mothers. It just didn’t come naturally, I suppose. I’m almost ashamed that I let my mom pay for a soapscription, but I am also extremely thankful for her support. She knows that these humble beginnings take time, money and a ton of hard work. She knows that balancing home life, family life, and entrepreneurship comes with a lot of costs. And she sent me some money to pay for some soaps that she loves. I know it’s because she actually loves me (even if the soaps are made with the best ingredients we can possibly source) and wants to see us thrive. My name, Melissa Anne (Honey Bee Queen) did come from her after all.

Someday, I hope we can repay her and take care of her. For now, she’s still helping take care of us. Thanks Mom.

PS- Another thanks to the other moms in my life that have soapscriptions with their names on them. When I wrote the other day on ig and fb that I knew every single customer personally, I wasn’t lying. moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and more have been so good to us by ordering our goods. We are thankful. XO.

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