My Friend Em


I’m terrible about remembering dates and celebrating special occasions. One of my goals this year (I have a few and I just found my notebook with some passwords/logins since I forgot the blog log-in and rediscovered the goals I wrote down at the beginning of the year) was to make much ado about special occasions.

My friend Emily always makes much ado about birthdays and holidays and anniversaries and even road trips. She celebrates her family well and she even celebrates my family well!!! She probably doesn’t write important dates down on scrap paper or in forgotten notebooks and I’m sure that helps, but I haven’t arrived at her level of organization even though she keeps giving me great tools to help like closet organizers and what not.


Another great thing about my friend Em is that she doesn’t even mention when it’s her birthday or her kid’s birthday or Rad’s birthday but I find out on her blog or when she casually talks about a beach get together and I don’t go and miss the cupcakes or in this case when Facebook reminded me that it’s my friend Emily’s birthday. I’ve pretty much reached a new low when Facebook has to tell me it’s someone’s birthday. I know last year’s birthday gift doesn’t cover this year’s, but I also know Em reads my wannabe blogger blog and that she loves me even if I don’t have a perpetual digital calendar with reminders a week or 2 in advance to make someone feel super loved on their special day like she does. She always does.

She always makes everyone feel super loved and she’s thoughtful, generous, hilarious, honest, beautiful, friendly, selfless and kind. She’s the friend who will meet you in the middle of the night when your husband needs to be admitted to the ER. She’s actually the friend who calls in a favor to a friend working the night shift at the ER so your husband gets right in…


She’s the friend who you call when your car breaks down and you can’t drive 2 hours back home to SC so you crash in her guest room and paint toenails and watch chick flicks. She’s the friend who sends her husband to help your husband change a tire on the side of i16 on your anniversary when your jack doesn’t work and your ac doesn’t work and you just wanted to go eat a good grass fed burger at the fancy burger joint and celebrate 4 years. She’s the friend who makes date questions to ask your hubby and throws in a coffee shop gift card while she’s at it…

She’s  the friend who always has extra diapers or wipes or snacks or water or the double stroller to throw your son into also because you’re a new mom and don’t have much of a clue. She’s the friend who convinces her parents to love you like you’re family, because she acts like you are even though you’ve only just met but it feels like you’ve known them forever. She’s the friend who makes the best meals and gives you a folder full of meal ideas when you’re overwhelmed with meal planning…


She’s the friend who is always up for an adventure and will ‘schlep’ all of her things to the beach or the farm or the beach house just to be there with you and your brood while your kids laugh and play and learn how to get along and love each other because you’re friends and that’s what friends do.


She’s the one who teaches you how to celebrate big. She’s the one who always tells jokes or tries to make you laugh because sometimes you cry. A lot. Like when your dad loses his leg or you have an unexpected c section or when your little newborn baby girl is in the nicu. She’s the friend that you know you can trust and who you know loves you. Even though she doesn’t like to say the words it’s in the way she lives.


PS-she’s also the friend who loves to not only make memories but also to record them and she does so on her blog (under the mossy oaks) and with her camera… From whence all of these photos came!!!

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