Dearly Beloved

It’s been quite some time since I’ve shared any updates here, but we haven’t stopped working. Daily rhythms may change a little and seasons may change a lot, but the constants remain. We are constantly reminded of God’s awesome and never ending love and mercy. We are constantly in awe of grace and we are constantly in prayer for our loved ones and neighbors.

We are also constantly in need of grace and mercy and getting these soaps out of the door is no exception. I just emailed our dear friend that helps keep our website going and before he could respond, I found a way to get what I needed done-without our keyboard since it’s not syncing with our computer which doesn’t usually matter in our daily lives since most of our work doesn’t require our home computer. Fulfilling soapscription orders and printing labels does require our home computer and now that I’ve figured it out on my handheld computer (I hope!) then perhaps we will get these packages out on time!

Creating the soaps is the fun part. Cleaning up afterwards isn’t as grand. Figuring out the tech stuff is even harder for someone who’d rather just create and daydream. I suppose it takes all kinds of people to make the world an interesting place… the dreamers and the doers. I’m a little bit of both. At least that’s my consolation for some of my shortcomings-like procrastinating the soap making clean-up or having a very cluttered studio.

I will say that what I really love about this latest Soapscription Collection is the heart behind it. The heart behind it wants people to know that they are ‘Dearly Loved’. The heart behind it may not be eloquent of speech or even brave enough to share the gospel and sometimes even questions what in the world the truth is. It can be a wrestling match but I know that the doubts give way to faith in Jesus and His atoning life, death and resurrection and especially His love. When I name a soap something like ‘Dearly Beloved’ it’s because I want you to know just how deeply loved you are by Christ. After all, He lived and died for you. He died for your sins. He died for mine. When a bar of soap has a name like ‘Buried Treasure’ it’s because I hope that you fall in love with Jesus and understand the parable of the hidden treasure.

I hope that I understand the parable of the hidden treasure. I don’t always understand, but I know that I’ve been saved by grace through faith and I’m continuing to learn and grow. I’ll stop for now, but I just want you to know that the heart behind this collection is full of love and full of hope and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you. XO.

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