“Congratulations!” That’s what Andy said as soon as I left the local post office this morning. I mailed out a couple armfuls of boxes with professional mailing labels on them and a little prayer that they all arrive at their destinations. I should have gotten a receipt, but I think I was too excited to ask for one. Still, the gal at the counter told me she has a small business too and that she could smell the soaps in the boxes (it might have been the lavender or a tea light candle or something else) but, I think they’re in good hands.

I shipped out my first soapscription boxes!!!!! This is such a big deal to me! No matter that it was pouring down rain and that I already have a list of improvements that need to be made for the soaps and packaging and shipping in the future, I am so proud of this little venture and that so many people are on this journey with us. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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