Tomato Tomato


We’ve been in full swing mode over here and while Andy’s been managing the farm like a champ, I’ve been sort of all over the place with ‘putting up’ the harvest. After not growing a decent crop of tomatoes the last couple of years, this year’s tomato gardens have been awesome!


We’ve been canning quite a bit and it is so very satisfying. I don’t think we used nearly the amount of tomato sauce that we have canned so far, but that might be because we didn’t grow our own. Although we prefer a fresh tomato sandwich any day, it’s nice to have some preserved for the out of season months that are coming soon.


If you aren’t growing your own organic heirloom tomatoes, I highly suggest you find someone who is ASAP. Try your local farmers market and talk to the farmers in your area. If you don’t have a farmers market nearby, take a little trip down the road. Surely there is a group of renegade, grassroots growers and makers and shakers somewhere nearby. Maybe you just haven’t found them yet.


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